Minimalist, handy
Less margins and edges. Less buttons. Simplify your search and a few other daily activities.
Porównanie czasu wyszukiwania - podzielony slajd na dwie połowy.
Click title to install the indicated Addon for Firefox:
Flat material theme. Minimal paddings, minimal borders, minimal colors. Converts large icon with information about audio playback by tab on small icon. Pinned to the icon of tab. It takes up less space on the tab bar. There is more space for name tabs. Right Mouse Button and Mouse Scroll - Scale Page. RightClick + WheelClick = 100% scale. And Image scaling. Options removing not removable browser UI elements. Select text in page and show context menu. In context menu - You will see the icons of search engines. URLbar context menu - Searching clipboard text. Right Click to show Bookmarks Menu. Single Star Button without separate Bookmarks Menu Button. Remove Bookmarks Menu Button. Leaves same Single Star Button. Recent close tab button, all tabs list, recent close tabs list in one button. Plus extra features options. Show Feed icon on Bookmarks Button. Subscribe lists in Bookmarks menu. Refresh the active tab when you click on entire Urlbar on Middle Mouse Button. Plus shortcuts to Override Cache and duplicate tab and open tab in Google cache.